How To Plan A Road Trip

A quick guide to plan the perfect road trip

Since vehicles became more reliable and the road systems of countries grew, people started to perform long trips by road in their vehicles as a form of pleasure and entertainment. This kind of trips became very popular and not only as source of recreation but as an educative resource as well. Even if you think that road trips are hard, they are really relaxing, give a sense of freedom, and you can actually feel that you´re going away from everything, leaving all the stress and troubles behind.


It feels really amazing just to drive and keep driving, knowing awesome and unknown places of your country, or the country you choose, meeting nice and warm people, discovering new places, stores and all kind of business that are there to make your trip unforgettable, as well as to enjoy the best view of stunning landscapes.


How to plan you road trip


Well, now that you’ve decided to go in a road trip across the country, of course that you want the best memories and experiences. To reach that goal, you must plan carefully your entire trip. Some tips that must be considered are:


  • Decide where to go

    Choose your route, it both cases travelling inside your country or abroad, you should select which places you will visit, you can choose from a historical places or tourist destinations, with attractions designed for your entertainment or with landscapes full of beauty and peace.


  • Do some research

    Find as much information as you can about the places you will visit; the roads, the safety, location of hospitals, police stations, firemen and more, it would be great if you check the website of the state you’re planning to go, as well as applications for smartphones with maps and information about the roads.


  • Pack only what you need

    Do not overload your vehicle with unnecessary stuff, remember, you surely will buy some things on the road and you are going to need the space, however  be sure to pack all that you need on the road.


  • Take care of what you leave behind

    Give your mobile phone number to someone you trust and ask him or her, to check your home, pets and plants.


  • Check very carefully your vehicle

    It is the most important element to be considered in your trip, it will take you to all places you decided to visit and will take you back home safe, but only if it’s in a good shape, take it to the mechanic for a preventive revision and keep information about towing services, they may save the day if you have  troubles with your vehicle.



Get information about the tow services rendered in the area

Many companies have websites you can visit to see the services they provide, such as this one from Cincinnati


What to see in Alabama

What to see in Alabama State

The United States is a great country, and each one of its states has its own story and atmosphere. Its own rich culture and landscape worth to be visited, the combination between modernism, technology and natural environment is totally awesome, you can spend years visiting and enjoying all that USA has to offer to tourist.


The State of Alabama


Alabama is one of the fifty states of the USA, it was admitted in the Union on December 14th 1819 as the State # 22. It is located in the Southeastern region of the country, like many other states of the South, its economy was based in agriculture and it actively participated in the Civil War. The Capital City is Montgomery and the most populated city is Birmingham, the oldest city is Mobile.


Beyond those facts, Alabama is a beautiful place to visit with very hot summers which are among the hottest in United States, its winters are mild. This state has several rivers and lakes, a bay and at the south it has a coastline at the Gulf of Mexico, that means that this state has very varied landscape styles.


The weather is humid subtropical it has thunderstorms, tropical storms and even hurricanes, and if you are planning to visit Alabama you definitely should avoid the tornado season because this state, along with Oklahoma, has the most reported EF5 tornadoes of any state and they even has a secondary tornado season.


What to see in Alabama


Alabama has many touristic places you can´t miss, they have places with a relevant history and also stunning beaches, mountains, forests, awesome cities each one worth to be visited by its own merit, an exciting nightlife, amazing restaurants and more. This state has been inspiration for music and scenery for films like the famous Forrest Gump.


These are some spectacular places to be visited among all the touristic destination that this beautiful state offers


Visit cities as Mobile which is the oldest city established in 1702 by the French and was a colony of France, Britain and Spain, that makes it a city with a very rich cultural heritage, full of museums and historic places. Birmingham its the cultural and entertainment capital of Alabama it has many major museums, ballet companies, amazing nightlife and more


The USS Alabama; was a battleship who served in World War II on 1942 and on1964 it was taken to Mobile Bay and became a Museum, this battleship which was added to National Historic Landmark registry on 1986 has appeared in several films.


You definetively can´t miss the stunning beaches of Alabama like the Gulf Shores among others


Other places are:


  • Gulf State Park
  • U.S. Space & Rocket Center
  • Cheaha State Park (Cheaha Mountain)
  • University of Alabama
  • Cathedral Caverns
  • Ave Maria Grotto
  • Birmingham Museum of Art


How to plan a trip to New York City

How to plan a trip to New York City

United States is a very large country, one of the most developed in the world, with many things to see and places to visit, it has stunning and beautiful landscapes, some of them of a serene and peaceful beauty, others challenge your senses and your skills, and in the other hand, they have big cities, full of lights and with the latest technology.


One of this cities is the iconic New York City, located in the State of New York, it is one of the most famous of this country and of the world, also called The Big Apple, this city combines the  nature and the green of beautiful parks with the lights and technology of a big metropolis.


What to see in New York City


There are many and diverse things to do and see in New York.

There are parks like: the famous Central Park, the Bryant Park or the Zoo of the Bronx.

There are museums like:


  • Museum of Modern Art MoMA
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art MET
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum


Cathedrals and buildings like:

  • San Francisco Cathedral
  • Places like Chinatown, Little Italy, Brooklyn, the Fifth Avenue and more
  • Liberty Island, Ellis Island, Coney Island
  • Broadway
  • Statue of Liberty the most representative symbol of USA
  • Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall or Times Square


All of them are some options among many available in this great city.


Planning your trip to New York


As you can see the available options are too many, so you can feel overwhelmed if you’re visiting New York for the first time, the answer is planning.


First decide how long you’ll stay in New York then look for some information about the attractions available, as well as the calendar of events in the year, there are many!


Well now you know the attractions and events available, and how long you’ll stay, you need to chose carefully which attractions and events you’re going to visit, take in count the season of year and the distance between them, the amount of money you have, etc.


Once you decided what to see, decide how you’re going to get there, there are many airports available so you can find a good price for your flight if you decide to go by plane, if you decide to go by land, there are many options too,  check them carefully, you must also decide if you’re going to drive or use public transportation, in this case you need information about prices. A good idea is to download an NYC transit app for your smart device, it will give you full information about maps, traffic, etc.


You can acquire passes for a group of attractions, do some research about it, you’ll save some money


Take into account the weather so take appropriate clothing for each season!


Finally it would be a good idea if you check the city’s official website

Places to visit America

10 Top places to visit in USA

USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, it is very famous for many reasons, some people love it, some people hate it, but everyone knows about it. The true is that it is a big and prosperous country, a mayor symbol of capitalism, with fifty States and a Federal District which is its capital.

Since USA is a big country it has a varied weather and a huge biodiversity, it has many different species and many kinds of terrain, tropical beaches, artic weather in Alaska,  large deserts, famous and big mountains, forests, marchlands, lakes and rivers.

Tourism in USA

All of the previously exposed makes USA a perfect destination for tourism, but in USA there are not only stunning and very diverse natural places, there are amazing big cities, delightful towns, many urban places worth to be seen, country or metropolis. Whatever you may like, you can find it.

USA is a country with a solid economy, technological advances, excellent services, and roads in very good shape. It is a pleasure to visit it anytime, it is totally charming on any season and they know it and take tourism very seriously. You only need to pay attention to visa requirements and their migration politic, like always it is good to know a little bit their laws before travel.

What to visit in USA

There are so many places to visit, this article would be endless if we mention at least the half, there are natural places with an enchanting and mesmerizing beauty, or rough defying our strength, places where we can practice sports, amazing cities with the best entertainment, cultural places you can’t miss, an awesome nightlife and the most warm and welcoming villages.

Here are a top ten of the places you must visit when you travel to USA:

  • Las Vegas; located in the State of Nevada, also known as Sin City, it is a place full of casinos and live shows.
  • The Grand Canyon; located in the State of California is a dazzling view that will overwhelm your senses.
  • The Great Lakes; located in the USA-Canada border, they are five interconnected lakes with a stunning beauty.
  • The Statue of Liberty; located in Liberty Island in the State of New York is the most representative symbol of USA.
  • New Orleans; located in the State of Louisiana, it is a city with a rich and magical culture.
  • Yellowstone Park; it is a major park located in the States of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
  • Broadway; located in Manhattan New York, famous for its theatrical productions.
  • The Golden Gate; it is an iconic and stunning bridge located in San Francisco.
  • Mount Rushmore; another representative and awesome symbol of USA located in South Dakota.
  • Metropolitan Museum; located in New York it is a place that definitely nobody should miss.

There are much to see in USA, so go there and enjoy.