Places to visit America

10 Top places to visit in USA

USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, it is very famous for many reasons, some people love it, some people hate it, but everyone knows about it. The true is that it is a big and prosperous country, a mayor symbol of capitalism, with fifty States and a Federal District which is its capital.

Since USA is a big country it has a varied weather and a huge biodiversity, it has many different species and many kinds of terrain, tropical beaches, artic weather in Alaska,  large deserts, famous and big mountains, forests, marchlands, lakes and rivers.

Tourism in USA

All of the previously exposed makes USA a perfect destination for tourism, but in USA there are not only stunning and very diverse natural places, there are amazing big cities, delightful towns, many urban places worth to be seen, country or metropolis. Whatever you may like, you can find it.

USA is a country with a solid economy, technological advances, excellent services, and roads in very good shape. It is a pleasure to visit it anytime, it is totally charming on any season and they know it and take tourism very seriously. You only need to pay attention to visa requirements and their migration politic, like always it is good to know a little bit their laws before travel.

What to visit in USA

There are so many places to visit, this article would be endless if we mention at least the half, there are natural places with an enchanting and mesmerizing beauty, or rough defying our strength, places where we can practice sports, amazing cities with the best entertainment, cultural places you can’t miss, an awesome nightlife and the most warm and welcoming villages.

Here are a top ten of the places you must visit when you travel to USA:

  • Las Vegas; located in the State of Nevada, also known as Sin City, it is a place full of casinos and live shows.
  • The Grand Canyon; located in the State of California is a dazzling view that will overwhelm your senses.
  • The Great Lakes; located in the USA-Canada border, they are five interconnected lakes with a stunning beauty.
  • The Statue of Liberty; located in Liberty Island in the State of New York is the most representative symbol of USA.
  • New Orleans; located in the State of Louisiana, it is a city with a rich and magical culture.
  • Yellowstone Park; it is a major park located in the States of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.
  • Broadway; located in Manhattan New York, famous for its theatrical productions.
  • The Golden Gate; it is an iconic and stunning bridge located in San Francisco.
  • Mount Rushmore; another representative and awesome symbol of USA located in South Dakota.
  • Metropolitan Museum; located in New York it is a place that definitely nobody should miss.

There are much to see in USA, so go there and enjoy.